mi-kuni workshop information

"Release, Open, Find"

How do you walk the way to the station?
How do you switch into a good mood?
How do you spend a day better than usual?

Through exercises such as breathing, vocalism and body stretching, gain energy, creativity and physical vitality.

Place: Ballet studio in Sangenjaya
Address: Kamiuma Flower Home 1st Floor, 2-31-13 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Fee:2500 yen
Age of target persons: 13 or over
Application: sending e-mail to the following address as an appointment is required.
E-mail address: i@mi-kuni.com

This workshop aims at enhancing "your awareness of yourself".
You can take part in the workshop and go ahead as slowly as you like, or at your own pace.
You'll be surprised that "your inner potential" can be unlimitedly brought out.

Let’s join the creation of yourself!