GENBAKU Onomatopoeia

Premiere:January 17, 2010, at Kazuo Ohno Butoh Studio, Yokohama

【Aim & Purpose】
Atomic bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima are a largest tragedy in history.
People who witnessed the threat of bombing for the first time voiced “Pika-Don”, which is an onomatopoetic word in Japanese expressing ‘flashing and blasting’ of atomic bombing.
The onomatopoeia coming from the flashing and blasting and stories brought by it are resonating with our souls beyond all ideologies and ideas.
MI-KUNI found “primitive vitality and energy” and its “possibility” in the onomatopoeia in the same way as Japanese ancient performing arts which we have tackled and worked on, or more than that.

In the abysmal tragedy, pure and innocent spirits are dancing and singing in the extreme depth of death.

This production, “GENBAKU Onomatopoeia” which we believe can be a classic in the future goes beyond all things and lays out fascinating performance on the stage.

Depicting the past life of female students in Hiroshima who were exposed to the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945 while work that tear down the buildings to prepare for an air raid, and the moment of flashing when they were bombed as a drama, based on the record of actions they took after the bombing.

【Special note】
This production can be performed on a small space (ex. stage of 5.5 square-meter at minimum) and with minor equipments (some light bulbs and a small-sized audio equipment), two performers and two staff persons at minimum.

■Director/Music/Choreographer: Jujiro Maegawa
■Dancer/Choreographer: Niina Maeda
■Drummer: Hijikata Masaya 
■Lighting & Set Design: Naoto Iina “Dance And Media Japan”

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